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The All Weather King Review

by gold stone (2018-12-14)

One thing you have The All Weather King Review to remember about horse racing is that anything can happen in any event and always insisting on a concrete picture of how the race will shape up is not practical. On the other hand, not having a picture of possible pace scenarios can lead to disaster as well. The fine line begins and ends with profit and probability. If you can look at the field and identify the contenders, that is a very good start.Next you have to put them in a hierarchy of best to worst. Which horse do you think is most likely to win? Which runner is second best, and so on? Once you have them in that order you can begin to determine probability. It will be based on pace, speed, jockey, post position, and any other factors you feel are relevant. If you know that post position one has a big advantage in turf races at your favorite track, for instance, you may give special consideration to any horse that has shown some recent form that is also in that post.