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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-06)

The way calorie shifting works UltraTrim Review is you will firstly be consuming 4 meals daily that is custom designed for you with your very own diet generator. Secondly, the program shows you a dieting trick called "shifting" where you will flip the calories around from those meals that your consuming so that you can confuse your metabolism. By not allowing your metabolism to adjust to your daily eating patterns using the "shifting" trick, it will not only elevate to the highest point... it will stay that way throughout the entire day! And since this is all 100% natural, you can rest assured that once you lose the will stay off permanently!So what is "calorie shifting"?Calorie shifting is a method of fat loss which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is based on the premise that the metabolism can be "fooled" by eating from different food groups in a certain pattern. One meal may provide protein and fat only, the next may be almost exclusively carbohydrates.This is certainly healthier than any diet which excludes a food group entirely, like the Atkins Diet. Though you may exclude carbohydrates in one meal and fat in the next, you still get a good overall balance.Supporters of the calorie shifting method claim that this dietary rotation forces the body to burn fat a faster rate than conventional diets. On the other hand, the conventional diet folks say that you can't burn more than two and a half pounds of fat per week, and that if you lose more weight than that, you are burning lean muscle tissue. But there is no doubt that the calorie shifting method has some very alluring features.You can eat foods, in quantity, that you would never dream of on a regular weight loss program. For example, one meal may consist of bacon strips and ham slices.You can eat until you feel satisfied, just don't overstuff. Common sense prevails.The faster rate of weight loss is appealing if you have an impending event, like summer coming, or if you need to fit into that wedding gown that you've been eyeing.Calorie shifting is a natural fat loss method that does not require pills or supplements.