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Better Bladder

by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-05)

This two-part article educates you about the Better Bladder Review signs of pregnancy you should be alert to. In Part I we discussed three vital signs of pregnancy, namely fatigue, spotting or bleeding and changes in appetite. Here we are with Part II, listing the other pregnancy symptoms you should watch for. You feel nauseousYou are likely to have the legendary morning sickness for the first month. Some women have this for up to six months and it could be any time of the day. You might throw up at the most unexpected times. This is a result of the estrogen levels that change. Do not get alarmed, as there are many ways to minimize this.You keep running to the ladies roomIt might seem like your bladder just cannot seem to control itself. The fact is, as your uterus grows in size, it presses against your bladder and hence the urge to pee often. This happens most during the first and third trimester.Your breasts are tenderAgain, estrogen and progesterone are the reason, as they get your breasts ready for nursing your baby. Your breasts can get quite sensitive and this can be uncomfortable. This will eventually pass, but you might want to shop for comfortable bras that support your breasts well.You feel constipatedOne of the most common signs of pregnancy is constipation and that feeling of being bloated. This is because of slower digestion and can be tackled by drinking plenty of fluids.You develop frequent headachesHeadaches are a common early pregnancy symptom. During pregnancy, blood circulation increases because of hormonal and physical changes.Your moods are unpredictableIt is those hormones again, so relax. Your moods will get better after the first three months