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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-02)

So, to clean up your liver, iGenics Review you also have to clean up your colon. Reduce your stress: Stress is creating constant tension in your muscles, and therefore also in your eye muscles. If you are constantly under stress, your eye muscles are tense, which causes nearsightedness or myopia. Check yourself; are your eyebrows pulled forward right now? Is your forehead tense? If so, you need to learn to relax, or your eyesight correction efforts might be wasted. Smile more: Smiling is a great way to relax. Feel into your forehead again. Feel the tension. Now, smile! Open your mouth and really smile wide from one ear to the other. Feel the tension dropping? Well, there is a whole string of benefits to smiling, and I'm going into the details in a separate article. Move your eyes: How many hours per day are you actually staring? Into the computer screen, into the TV, on magazines and newspapers, and even when we go for a walk we don't look around! You have to move your eyes. You have to change the focus regularly to correct your eyesight naturally. Improve your body's flexibility: You might have never heard about it, but your body's flexibility in your spine and your joints has a great impact on your eyesight. You have to keep your body flexible otherwise your eyesight will be inflexible, too. Bonus Tip: Drink more pure, flat water. Your body is 70% made up out of water and there are so many benefits to drinking water, I have to write another article about the relationship of water and eyesight correction. And now I'd like to invite you to learn more about natural eyesight correction. I have some incredible free video content on my website that explains in detail how lasting natural eyesight correction works. If you look at eye problems from a conventional ophthalmic point of view, all that is wrong is your eyes, or in many cases your lens. But there is a whole other dimension that this way of thinking doesn't take into consideration. The picture we actually see with our eyes in not what the eyes perceive. The picture we see at the end of the day is what the mind makes out of the eyes perception.