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by Ssregina Regina (2019-02-14)

It is best achieved by using an effective night cream Levira Review which contains useful ingredients like Cynergy TK(TM) that can stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin skin proteins and prevent the skin from loosening out and developing wrinkles. Active Manuka honey also plays a significant role in gently nurturing the damaged skin cells and rejuvenating them. It also provides protection against free radical damage as well as microbial infections. These are the top 3 good skin tips which can get you a healthy, beautiful and radiant skin and that too in a natural, effective and lasting manner. All you have to do is look out for such a wonderful skin care product containing these or other similar powerful natural ingredients and start using it as advised. Since these are 100% natural, you can completely relax as they will never have side effects of any kind. So now that you know these good skin tips, put this information to the test right away. It is your turn to do something good for your skin. There is nothing better than having a clean and clear skin. Not only is it simple but it is 100% natural and hence 100% pure. But the problem today is the kind of lifestyle that we have to live in. The day starts with washing the face but the water available is not pure. It has numerous contaminants which have their own adverse effects on the health of the skin. When we set our foot of the house, there is the sun, winds and cold weather that a clear skin has to combat with. The junk food that we eat hardly has any nutrients. The life is busy till late in the night leaving very little time for the body and the skin to relax and rejuvenate. The end result - an ordinary skin which is prone to microbial infections, develops age spots, fine lines and wrinkles with time, becomes dry and cracked with weather change. In single line - we get a skin which is neither healthy nor beautiful. But worry not. The solution to getting a healthy, beautiful and clear skin is here. A natural skin care cream No I am not talking about the mundane ones which hardly do anything to improve the condition of the skin. I am talking about the miraculous ones which can really do wonders to your skin. What make these creams special are the powerful ingredients used in them. Let us consider Extrapone Nutgrass for example. It is a plant root from India which has the property of inhibiting the production of Melanin within the skin. Melanin is the color pigment present in the skin. Greater is it content, darker the skin is going to be. Extrapone has been clinically proven to reduce this pigment content by up to 40%. The skin thus becomes clean, clear and radiant.