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Neuro Slimmer System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-02-08)

Spirituality and religion are important topics these Neuro Slimmer System Review days. So is weight loss. Now it is possible to combine the two with the First-Place weight loss program. The program, also known as "First Place 4 Health" was started by Carole Lewis in 2001 as a way to incorporate Christian values into a weight loss program. The idea is that by giving God "first place," the rest of your life will become easier. First Place weight loss is intended to be used as a weekly group meeting. However, it can be used by individuals at home. Members receive a guidebook, audiotapes, a prayer journal and a pack of scripture memory verse cards. The program encourages members to set aside 20 minutes of personal prayer time every day in order to focus on their relationship with God and to study scripture. The scripture verse memory cards are designed so that members can learn an affirming Bible verse every week. The meetings also include a scripture study on such subjects as "Giving Christ first place." Of course, the program also includes a diet and exercise plan. The diet portion focuses on sensible eating. Members are encouraged to pray, rather than turning to food for comfort. The moderate exercise program encourages walking and other common forms of exercise. The audiotapes can easily be used during a daily exercise routine. First Place weight loss has proven to be very popular in the Christian market. There is a website offering support for members and program founder Carole Lewis leads many workshops nationwide. There is also online version for those not able to attend a group meeting. Critics of the program seem to be few and far between. A check of program reviews at only complained about some defects in the materials (such as a hole in the carrying case). Others said they were disappointed there were no recipes included. First Place weight loss is similar to the Weigh Down Workshop and other Christian-based programs. Those who followed these programs have said their stress levels have decreased and they have learned to pray and study the Bible to find comfort rather than eating junk food. They also say they have become more active in their churches. If you want to lose weight and at the same time grow closer to God, consider First Place weight loss. In 13 weeks, your clothes may fit better and you may see life in a whole new way. Use your favorite search engine to find more information.