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Super Affiliate System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-02-02)

Of course, if you look beyond the hyped advertising Super Affiliate System Review copy, you don't find a track record of real gains that's been verified. You either get a back test simulation (knowing the closing data) and even a child can make money if they knew the closing price in advance or you get an unverified, track record from the vendor selling the system.Now if you could really get a track record which as better than the world's top traders for the cost of a night out, the whole world would be trading and give up working and the credit crunch? That probably wouldn't exist!These systems are sold for such a low cost because they make no money.All the great reviews you see are from affiliates selling the system hoping to make a small commission from the vendor. If the system makes so much money, why bother selling for a small amount, when you could just trade it and become a millionaire in a few years? If you have read this article so far you know the answer.If you want to win at Forex trading, go the route that all traders do who make money and that's learn skills and know what your doing. It may sound old fashioned but it's the only way to make money. If you do make an effort to learn Forex trading correctly, no other business can reward you as well as international currency trading.Trader's conceit, also known as gambler's conceit is that crazy idea you have that you can take a big risk, WIN, and quit while you are ahead. The trader believes he can keep doing the risky behavior, go on wining and avoid Trader's Ruin by quitting before losses wipe out the current profits. Anyone who has made a good jackpot on the slot machines and then put it all back in will likely recognize this predicament. One form of gambler's conceit is often seen in big lottery winners. Within days of winning a big lottery, most people that win soon begin to believe that somehow they DESERVED to win and actually develop a feeling of moral superiority! That same feeling of smug superiority is something many FOREX traders feel after a good run of profitable trades and the riskier the trades, the stronger the feeling.