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by Ssregina Regina (2019-02-01)

The forex market was no exception, but the fact remains Print Profit Review that while most participants in other markets - the housing sector, credit, mortgage, stocks, to mention just a few, were left to count their loses. A situation which had made some traders to be confused and some even sustained huge loses in their trading during this period. I want to state here that some of these traders even decided not to trade in forex again.These set of traders cannot qualify to be regarded as a forex trader until they change their mindset. This is because during this period, some forex traders who knew what they were doing started following the markets up and down and in turn, made some significant profits even at that turbulent moment. One significant thing that you should know about the market is that, there will always be situations like this when the various economic trends in the world will continue to affect the markets including those of the forex.I have discovered that many traders are usually and constantly burnt in this field leading to unhappiness and stress. If you sincerely desire to be happy in this business, you should strive to do some of these things that I will highlight very soon here. You should try not be like the numerous others that keep running from one pillar to another in search of happiness in trading.The first thing is that you should have the culture of adequate and appropriate money management. What this means is that any time you want to trade, you should endeavor that you never expose more than a quarter of your accounts equities into the trade. Even if you could try not to be too ambitious, you should try to maintain 10% per each trading activities. Doing this will be a great help particularly during highly volatile moment. In addition, you should also have a specific entry and exit rules that will be guiding you always in this business. If you are vigilant as you grow in this trade, you will discover that this is one thing most traders ignored a lot, particularly when ones trade goes contrary to their expectations. Whenever you are trading , always ensure that you are always very cautious that you are involve in a business that is very volatile and risky. This is very important so that you do not endanger your account and health to the business. You need to have a different trading system that points to you the very specific entry and exit rule to follow before accepting any trade as high probability trade.