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Erase My Back Pain

by Ssregina Regina (2019-01-31)

Moist heat is often considered to be superior Erase My Back Pain Review to dry, but the healing benefits are actually the same. However, water does transfer heat faster then air does and so moist heat is transferred to your muscles faster and can have a more intense feeling then the slow penetration of dry heat. And when you're in pain, faster is usually considered better!Have you ever known anyone that has gotten GREAT results with a chiropractor in respect to how much better they can move their neck or back? Why is this? One of the reasons is the fact that chiropractors are "doctors of the nervous system" and we affect the body, not only on a mechanical aspect (bones, joints, muscles), but on a neurological level.In the text book "Principles of Neural Science" by Kandel and Schwartz, which is a 1400 page text that I used in my postgraduate work in chiropractic neurology, it shows us perfectly how your "range of motion" is improved after seeing the chiropractor.The chiropractic "adjustment" puts a fast stretch (just what it sounds like) on the muscle spindles and the golgi tendon organ in the muscle, which in turn creates a reflex relaxation response and activates the 1B fibers of the golgi tendon organ which creates relaxation with the muscle. This whole crazy reaction then allows you to turn your head normally, or bend forward at the waist in a normal way. Sound complex? It really is, but this is how chiropractors get such great results is that we affect the nervous system so profoundly!