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Combat Shooter System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-01-29)

What happen at your death? For Social Security, Combat Shooter System Review your spouse will be eligible to get the greater of what he or she qualified for on their own or as your dependent OR whatever the deceased spouse was receiving. This spousal benefits is very important because it will be received as long as the surviving spouse lives - which could be a very long period of time. If the deceased spouse elected to postpone Social Security until age 70, that means the surviving spouse will get a much larger amount than if the decreased spouse started early at age 62. For qualified money such as IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc. it can generally be passed tax free to the surviving spouse, or others, and they will pay taxes at their normal rate. Generally payout must occur over their remaining lifetime. There are methods whereby you can stretch payout if left to non-spousal heirs and I encourage you to speak with your financial advisor about this if you do not plan to use all your qualified money during your lifetime. Your non-qualified savings and investments are part of your estate and can pass to whomever you elect at your death. I'll not comment on the tax consequences of these money but will encourage you to get professional advice from a financial planner, attorney and CPA if you have a sizable estate that will pass to others at your death. This is very important if you wish to prevent the Government from being your beneficiary.