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Super Nutra

by Ssregina Regina (2018-12-26)

Overworking the muscles Super Nutra Review is another big mistake. A very big misconception is the more I workout the more my muscles will grow. This is very much wrong as if we subject our body to stresses beyond the normal level they can take we actually do just the opposite and burn muscle due to the stress. An example is working out a different muscle group everyday. When is your body suppose to rebuild as it is in a constant state of repair. Remember this; a body will only repair or build when we get proper rest sleep following a good intense workout. Anyone wanting to gain muscle needs proper rest after a workout this includes taking a day off after a workout getting to bed with 7-9 hours a sleep at night.Wrong Mindset Many fail to see that gaining muscle mass and weight goes beyond the physical. It begins with the mind, and having the right motivation and mental readiness to follow an exercise regime with adequate rest and making sure my diet is such to promote weight gain. This means getting enough protein, simple and complex carbs, and enough calories to promote the environment to gain muscle is an absolute must.