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Auvela Skin Care

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-16)

There you have it, the natural toners for your skin Auvela Skin Care Review prepared at home. Try them and see the difference after a few weeks. Remember to finish with the moisturizer suited for your skin too. The problems arise when we use these products the wrong way. Let this article guide you on how to choose the right Alpha Hydroxy Acid for you to finally reveal the best skin you have. When we think of alpha hydroxy acids, we only think of skin peeling agents. The truth is that AHAs are found in various skin care products ranging from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, skin peels, eye cream, foundations, and even sunscreen. With the variety of products, how do you decide the right product to use? It is strongly recommended to choose just one product which contains the proper formulation of alpha hydroxy acid. This product will be the only one to serve as your exfoliant. The rest of skin care products that you will use must not contain AHAs to minimize the possibility of encountering skin irritation. Is it right to choose cleansers with AHAs? The cleanser type is not very effective because it is usually washed off. The acid needs to be absorbed in the skin. Is the AHA sunscreen the right one? So far, there is no effective sunscreen product yet because the alpha hydroxy acid is not stable at the pH required to make the acid effective. Nevertheless, you need to use sunscreen (without the AHA) with at least SPF 15 to protect the new skin layer. One of the best tips that I can give you is to use alpha hydroxy acid in a moisturizer base. It can penetrate the skin well and will work more effectively over the long term. It is best to use 5 to 8% concentrations. Lastly, follow the label of the product and observe your skin within three days if you see changes. If there is skin irritation, immediately contact your dermatologist. The pure bliss of having a new baby in the family can be rudely marred upon your discovery of pregnancy stretch marks that it has left on its aftermath. Most women get them during pregnancy as a result of the over stretching of the skin from the growing baby bump, particularly during the later stages of gestation. Ideally, the skin has very good elastic ability. But in this case, it has been pushed to its limits that it actually broke. The collagen under the skin and the blood vessels surrounding it tear, leaving you with the ugly pregnancy stretch marks, which are actually scars, that's why they take residence in your skin. Apart from pregnancy though, there are other factors that may contribute to you developing them such as weight gain as in obesity, excessive physical labor like in weight lifting and muscle development, as well as when you lose weight when you are dieting. But the point is, after you deliver your baby, the attention should be directed towards your new bundle of joy, and not on your pregnancy stretch marks! Removing them is of paramount importance so you do not develop self-esteem issues or depression.