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Kachin Diabetes Solution

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-13)

The external Kachin Diabetes Solution Review profile of a person is assessed during interaction with fellow human beings. A human interaction has three aspects - social, economic, and political. A proud person is discourteous during social interaction, exploitative during economic interaction, and unjust during political interaction. On the other hand, a humble person is courteous during all types of social interactions, fair during multiple economic interactions, and moderate during numerous political interactions. A proud person is narcissist or self-centered. The social truth he follows is unfounded, the economic behavior he manifests is irrational, the political attitude he depicts is dictatorial. The ultimate result of baseless / proud attitude at collective level of life creates turmoil at social level, injustice at economic level, chaos at political level; the eventual outcome is humiliation of proud person and arrogant nation. Hitler is glaring example of proud attitude at collective realm of life. His attitude and dictatorial decisions imposed countless humiliations on his nation. The humiliation mechanism works owing to interdependent nature of attribute phenomena and universality of law of rewards & retribution. It is noteworthy that the law of reward & retribution works at all levels of life, individual as well as collective, and all types of human deeds, overt as well as covert. The only exception is non-infectious thoughts.