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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-13)

Most symptoms that can be found in case iGenics Review of Computer Vision Syndrome include headache, eye ache, blurred vision, double vision, eye dryness, tearing, and neck or shoulder pain. Even though these symptoms are temporary and could be completely gone after a short rest, they are the obstruction of your career and most importantly your well-being. Computer screen is not the only culprit. The causes of Computer Vision Syndrome can be hand-held video games or smart phones that enable installation of applications and games, or even chatting online. During your relaxing time, you may fix your eyes to the tiny screen without realizing how it is bad for you. Your eyes will be strained when the room is too bright or too dark, or when the screen is facing the wrong direction e.g. silhouetting or light-reflecting. All of these could overburden your eyes. Dust is another cause that is always overlooked. The screen will be reflecting more light once dust is attached to the screen by static electricity. Computer Vision Syndrome will be relieved after resting your eyes for a while. However, if you do not change your behavior and environment, the symptoms will come back very soon. Diverting your eyes from the screen and focusing a distant point once every hour can help. Your working environment is very important and shall be adjusted as follows: The distance from your eyes to the screen should be 50 to 70 centimeters. - You should be able to sit up straight with your face slightly down when looking at the screen. - Balance the brightness of the room and the screen. Close the curtain if necessary. - Be careful not to let the screen reflect light to your eyes. Do not sit with your face or back against the window. Keep the light on your side and do not sit right beneath the light. Extreme H2O contact lenses could be the best solution for all dry eyes sufferers out there. These lenses are excellent in retaining moisture because of their highly advanced materials, called as hioxifilcon. So, even if you use them the whole day, you're assured that visual clarity and moisture remains intact. If you think you can benefit from contacts, make sure to consult your doctor first. Hydrogel Vision, an auxiliary of Benz Research and Development, is the manufacturer of these particular contact lenses. The secret to the moisture retaining powers of these contact lenses lies on their patented raw material, hioxifilcon A and D, which are derived from glycerin. Because of these unique properties, dryness of the eyes due to contact lens use is prevented and leads to optimum health and comfort of the user.