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by princy william (2019-04-12)

Look around you: who else is with Individualogist Review you now, besides any human companions there may be? Look outside, look above, look below, feel and remember, it is not just people from the past, but other energies from the present and your future that may be around you also. You may even meet yourself - again.As a spiritual teacher I am asked sometimes the best way to accelerate the soul journey. The answer is simple, but not always what the student wishes to hear.To focus on spiritual advancement is missing the point. To do so is a subjective distraction and driven by ego; the key is to achieve peace of mind and heart through being and not doing, living simply and compassionately and doing our best. Less is more.Certain meditative practices can help to achieve this state of calm beingness, as will time spent in nature, time without sound, observation, and detachment from thoughts and emotional response. It sounds easy, but it is not, indeed, liberation from the tyranny of the lower mind is very hard to achieve.There are many gifted teachers and healers who can help point the way to the place of bliss but in the end only we can take ourselves there. If we seek it for glory or money or to feel or look good, we will be seekers forever. If we follow our heart without expectation of outcome, content just to be in the moment, truly ourselves, then we are one with the divine, and what more can we ask than that?There are many people who are drawing large numbers of followers, propagating that the world is changing and that the 'energies' are now different as humanity enters a realm of heightened awareness.They claim that this new period has changed the process of spiritual development such that a person can skip many levels of the process of development and go from totally unenlightened to full enlightenment instantly.