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by princy william (2019-04-11)

Sometimes we had brothers and Hypnosis Live Review sisters that told us negative things or put us down. After a while we believed them. Or maybe you had positive influences in your household, but you saw your parents or parent struggle even after working very hard. In your mind you started to think that the reality of life was constant struggle and pain. Some people come from abusive backgrounds, others were orphans, some people even had great fortunate childhoods, but still in their adult life struggle to find their way to make a living.I am here to tell you, that despite your childhood and upbringing, you can control your present state. You can be wealthy, happy, healthy, and loving. Your reality is only what you determine it is. There is always an example of someone worse off, who has done great things and been successful.I can give you an example of a friend of mine from Cambodia, who as a little kid watched his parents killed in front of him. He was tortured by the military police and often beaten. He and his brother found a way to escape and were given an opportunity to be adopted by a family in the United States. This person was the most positive person I knew and worked harder than anyone I knew. He had already accomplished having a home and a car when I met him, and I am sure that many years later he is still successful because of his attitude toward life and work. You see somebody always has it worse than you. Our reality of life is only in our heads. Our brains can be our best asset or our biggest enemy.Success strategies when applied correctly will work for anyone and everyone. I am not saying that you always accomplish your goals on the first try. There are always going to be obstacles and unseen events that nobody can control. What I am saying is that you can have strategies for attacking not only your goals but for handling problems. As long as you are on track reaching toward your goals constantly, you will only see temporary defeat and then bam!