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by princy william (2019-04-10)

Questions can change your life and Zen12 Review lead you on the path to success, happiness and prosperity! Don't believe me? Let me explain how you can use questions to attain your heart's deepest desires.If you have been interested in self improvement or personal development for any reasonable length of time, in fact if you are even just a casual browsers of personal growth issues, then you will have encountered the axiom that "thoughts create reality". Now you may believe this or you may not but what you may not understand is that giving this simple statement even a little thought could dramatically improve your life!If you believe the metaphysical and esoteric teaching (not to mention the recent discoveries in quantum mechanics) that thoughts are things and that they create material objects, situations, circumstances and, in fact, reality itself, then what I am about to share with you will allow you to positively alter your life at an alarmingly fast rate.If, on the other hand, you believe all this "thoughts create reality" stuff is a load of hocus-pocus and belongs in a Disney's movie along with Jiminy Cricket's "when you wish upon a star" then I'm sure you will at least entertain the notion that your thoughts have an impact on your actions! "So what" you may say, "How's will that knowledge help me improve my life?" - Well that in itself is a great question!Think of it this way. If your thoughts can guide your actions then they can obviously be used to change your life because your actions determine your results. Harbour the wrong thoughts and you will take the wrong actions which in turn will lead you to the wrong results! However, think the right thoughts and you will take the right actions which will inevitably lead to the right results. It's that simple!