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Awaken The Species

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-06)

The other day I received a phone call from a man Awaken The Species Review in the New York area who said he had found me through my website. His intention was to sell me on the idea that his company would produce and distribute my video products. Speaking extremely fast, he possesses a voice that is nasal and whiny which makes him sound far too young. Because his reason for calling dealt with my business in voice and presentation skills, I asked him specifically if he knew what my business was about. He admitted that he did not know even though he assured me he had looked at my website. I then took this opportunity to ask him if he had ever heard himself on voicemail or an answering machine and he said that he had. When prompted further, he agreed that he did not like what he heard. However, when I explained that his speaking voice was nasal and had whiny quality, he said that, although he didn't like his voice on his voicemail, he thought he had a good voice. Let me say this as clearly as possible. Getting focused (and staying focused) is hands down the biggest problem entrepreneurs face. Most entrepreneurs get caught up in bright-shiny-red-object syndrome, meaning they have so many great ideas, but lack the focus to actually implement them and get their desired results. Over days, weeks and months of going a little beyond your self-imposed limits you'll notice your confidence growing and growing. Feeling confident and in charge will be your new normal way of living. Is it really that easy? Yes, it is as long as you have an attitude of always learning and improving. Sometimes you'll make mistakes. That is perfectly normal. Even the most successful and confident people have ups and downs. If you try and fail simply try something different next time and even better get advice from someone who has proven skill when it comes to what you are becoming more confident at. Ask how he does it and simply copy his approach in a way that suits your personal style. Again let me repeat the fundamental principle you can take onboard and act on today to develop lasting self-confidence... you develop confidence by making a habit of doing what is impossible for you. And because confidence is an emotional state that "I can do it" feeling in one activity will positively impact all aspects of your life. If you go beyond your limits in sport, at work or remodelling the house, you'll notice that feeling confident becomes your normal way of feeling regardless of what you are doing. You'll feel more capable dealing with problems and issues in all areas of your life and as a result you will make better decisions and people will be much more responsive to you. People like and respect confident people. As you become more confident you'll find others are more attentive to what you say and more willingly to help you out. And that is one of the most important reasons to put an end to lacking confidence. Life is more enjoyable and its easier to get ahead when you get the respect you deserve. Its like walking with the wind at your back instead of walking headfirst into a gale.