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Awaken The Species

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-06)

It comes from practicing optimism. Awaken The Species Review On a person's quest for success it can sometimes be difficult to deal with major victories and triumphs. While that may seem like an odd statement the fact is many people are not prepared for huge success, even if they see it coming all along. If a frog were placed in boiling hot water, it would immediately jump out and survive. If however, the frog were put in cold water and the temperature were to rise gradually one degree at a time over a long period of time, the frog would ultimately die because of not perceiving the water as hot. Gradual success can be just as sinister. The pursuit of success can be just as dangerous and therefore can lead to 'success intoxication'. Simply put success intoxications is getting too much too fast. With the increasing stimulation of success, the demand on energy escalates. The amount of time at work increases. It's hard to relax because excess is invigorating. Self-esteem is inflated because of the constant affirmation. Beyond that, the metrics of success exaggerate in terms of money, accolades, and accomplishments. After all, once you've achieved so much, wouldn't it be natural to want more the next time? The inherent problem with quick success is the fact that each single increment is justifiable and blurs the big picture. In the case of the frog in water, every time the temperature increases by a degree, the frog probably won't even notice. When the heat finally does become apparent, it will be too late. The pattern is so gradual that it isn't noticed until perhaps some profound event brings it into focus. A crisis may occur in your personal or professional life, such as a layoff, a business closure, a health emergency, or a life-changing event such as death or divorce. Visualization is a very important key to achieving success. If you have a vision of the goals you wish to attain they are more real and more attainable. It is a way to train and focus your thinking to be driven to succeed. The first step in visualization is to seriously consider exactly what you want out of life. Maybe you want financial freedom. Maybe you aspire to make a difference in society. Perhaps you desire the prestige of being considered the best in your field. Whatever your passion is you need to clearly define it in your mind.