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Total Money Magnetism

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-03)

Tension and stress Total Money Magnetism Review often leads to disturbances in the way that we breathe. In a person who is stressed or tense, breathing disturbances may include shallow breathing, panting, raising the shoulders and uneven breathing, forgetting to breathe and hyperventilation. These types of breathing styles are often present during the experience of a panic attack. The switching on of the "flight or fight" stress response disturbs the respiratory system causing breathing to become rapid and shallow. This is because the body is trying to take in more oxygen conversely, the opposite happens and less oxygen is absorbed. However, it is possible to turn off the stress response by using relaxed breathing. Relaxed breathing is slow and even and deep. It is done through the nose. Relaxed breathing promotes effective circulation of air around your body.During relaxation the nervous system slows down and there can be a reduction in excitatory hormones, breathing rate, blood pressure, muscle action and heart rate. If you have a stressful and hectic lifestyle your nervous system (sympathetic nervous system) may be in a constant state arousal, putting you in a chronic state of tension. In this state, your body is likely to react to small stresses and strains in the same way as it is programmed to react to real crises. Repeated episodes of flight or fight responses use up your energy stores. Learning relaxation skills is a way to break the depletion of your energy.