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Abundance Manifestor

by princy william (2019-04-03)

To consistently grow your Abundance Manifestor Review business, you need to think big. But you also need a plan. The person that eventually bought the property for $2 million had a plan. He had an investor, a hotel chain that wanted to build there. He didn't just buy the property because he could, but because he had a specific plan and purpose in mind-and the pieces in place to make that plan work. He had the bigger plan and the resources in place to make it work. He also reaped great rewards.When you are thinking about your business and where you would like to go, think about your plan. How are you going to get there? What resources do you need to accomplish your goal? Are there other people that need to be involved? Are thinking big enough? Don't be afraid to expand your mind and your thinking. It may result it even more than your biggest plans.Sitting in the airport recently, Clark Howard's show was on the screen discussing how not to get ripped off. I watched the show and found it of interest because most people would buy everything that he says. That is why Wal-Mart does so well. Society today is becoming more and more enamored with getting things and stuff on the cheap.For some reason people have forgotten that their time has value and is irreplaceable. Everyone needs to make some of those decisions on time versus money and value. A perfect example in my life is Fiji water. Most of the time Fiji water is available at our local Costco. But when I say local, I mean 20 miles away and an hour round-trip just driving never mind the time in the store or the line. That same water is twice the price at our local supermarket. So when we are out of Fiji water, we buy only the amount required from the local market. We don't make the trip all the way to Costco to do as Clark Howard says and "not get ripped off".