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Brainwave Shots

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-03)

Some students have decided on a Brainwave Shots Review major course i.e. law, accounting, engineering, architecture, teaching, and others. At least we have a group who think they know the direction of their future. Unfortunately, too many are still unsure because it's a family tradition. Just because Dad and Uncle Charlie are lawyers does not make little Benny "right" for the legal profession.Never give up on any young person as they can fool us. Suddenly, there is a revelation, a nudge, a push from somewhere. Maybe a friend, a man or woman in the church, a spouse, a school teacher has taken interest in helping counsel toward a more fitting career path.Even after earning an accounting degree and working in that field for a period of years change can happen. Happiness in our work is extremely important in our family life. Nothing beats getting up every morning with excitement about the day to bring peace and joy to all.Usually, we do more, we earn more in the same hours. Working longer hours is a pleasure, something to look forward to when necessary. That's living to our full potential.It's no mystery there is a price to pay for success. It takes hard work, dedication, consistency and a made up determined mind. Your mindset is the key component if you can stay positive even when things do not seem favorable you can be successful. What will you allow to stop you from reaching your goal? You will face many obstacles and many of them are the people around you. They might not believe in what you are trying to do. They may think it is a waste of time. They may even laugh and make fun of you. How will you handle that situation? Will you give in and become part of the 98% of people who would give in and give up on their dreams or be part of the 2% that persevere despite what anyone says or does.The first rule of success is that there are no rules. You are the key component in making your dreams a reality. People, circumstances, obstacles are only a barrier if you allow them to be. You have a choice to be successful or give up on that success. Are you willing to face possible humiliation and the opinions of those around you that may not be favorable to achieve success? You are surrounded on every side with dream stealers will you allow your dreams to be taken by one of them?