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Overunity Generator Guide

by gold stone (2019-04-02)

For a new home - conditions Overunity Generator Guide Review of the site are key. The sun is our greatest source of energy - pay attention to how it moves across your land. Your local climate conditions, solar exposure, wind and water effect how a building will work. Additionally, most projects have particular "givens" - such as the entrance to the property - utility locations - existing trees and other landscape. Working with the existing conditions is important when designing the site plan. Try not to disturb the landscape where possible. Consider a two story house instead of one story - requires less grading. Keep storm water on the site - use gray water systems.Good design incorporates many things beyond "style." Passive solar techniques are crucial to energy efficiency. Good shell design works with your environment - keeping heat or cool inside as required. Shedding water - much like a duck! - is good building practice. Protect your home from weather. Incorporated natural lighting and ventilation. Minimize "traffic" space and utilize space with various functions. Smaller is better.Evaluating materials is not always easy. Certain materials may seem "green" like bamboo flooring but if it is made in China, shipped to the US and filled with toxic glues - it might not be so green. Some things to consider: Is it local? Local materials don't have the embodied energy of shipping How is it manufactured? Does it have a heavy environmental toll - such as cutting granite blocks out of a mine or manufacturing cement. Is it durable? The longer a material lasts the less often it has to be rebuilt. Concrete ranks high on the durability scale but low on the manufacturing process. High efficiency windows are a must. I used to like the look of aluminum windows in a modern house but they aren't energy efficient. Insulation - you gotta have it - the more the better - many options here - check out spray foam. What maintenance is required? Some products like wood clap board siding on a southern exposure may require repainting every two years whereas a fiber cement plank siding might last 15 years.