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Raikov Effect

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-02)

Here is a breakdown of the rest of the formula: Raikov Effect Review Identify Obstacles - An independent person knows that success does not move in a linear progression. There are going to be setbacks. As long as overall progress occurs over time then you are fine. If you put on two pounds one week instead of losing two pounds, if a person leaves your organization, if someone promises you they would show up at the meeting and doesn't show, don't get discouraged and over react. Just know ahead of time that being an independent person means you will indeed have set backs and it is at no fault of your own. Now if you cheated to frequently on your diet, or you did something to scare someone out of your organization that is different. Otherwise setbacks come with the territory of independence. the MAJOR problem with letting a setback turn you into a "Negative Nell" (especially if you are working in a team) is that your attitude will profoundly affect other people around you, turning a setback into something much worse.Here is an example.. I was once working with a lady (We will call her "Jane") who was super friendly, cared about others, had goals etc etc... Unfortunately she had very thin skin and she failed to identify obstacles which ultimately lead to the collapse of her business. For whatever reason, there were a very small group of people (two people) who felt threatened by her early success in business so they decided to say some not so pleasant things about her which had absolutely no grounds. "Jane" got upset and couldn't understand why someone would say something bad about her because she is a nice person who never did anything bad to anyone. "Jane" felt that she needed to understand why.