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Bulletproof Profits

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-02)

Nowadays, having traffic to your Bulletproof Profits Review sites just isn't enough. If you open a shop in a shopping mall where competition is fierce, you will have to stand out from the crowd to win your sale. You may want to employ a very good and decent looking sales person who can talk a bird down from the tree, or you are selling at a competitive price with very good customer service and impressive deco. There is no difference in selling online. You need a good sales pitch and decent web design to at least attract people to stay long enough on your sites to buy. It is even better if the potential customers hear something good about your products before they arrive at your sites. For example, your product is recommended by someone they trust via newsletter or friends in Facebook. Remember, whatever we are selling, we are providing solution to people's needs. The copywriting has to be spot on.Money back guarantee, feedbacks and call-to-action are important features to show on your site. They not only help to increase the conversion rate but also help in your SEO campaign. Google gives you extra points for that. You may also consider building your shipping cost onto your product cost and give FREE shipping on your sites. It is the nature of human being to take advantage of FREE offer.Have you ever noticed that there is always a convenient shop at the petrol station? A lot of times people would drop by the shop after paying for the petrol. Or very often in a retail shop, after making your payment for your purchase, you still have to walk past some shelves with interesting products and then find another cashier counter at the end before you can physically leave the shop. All these are just another up-selling tactic of the businesses.