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Becoming Limitless

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-01)

Here's the reason: It's because there is a missing number. Becoming Limitless Review But, instead of looking for that missing number, we keep going through the same steps we've already been successful with, hoping that will somehow cause this sucker to work so we can forget about the missing number. Well, Just Between You And Me And The Fence Post! We didn't know what to do about the missing combination anyway. So, it would suit us just fine if that missing number would take a hike. Well, I tell you from lots of personal experience, that missing number ain't going to take a hike to make your life easier. But, one thing that missing number will do; is cause this project to bow to your commands and cause your success to come shinning through. Stay with me now. Ok, hot shot, why do you say success is easy? Well, what makes it seem so difficult is; we are continually going back through the same steps we discovered that works, and the project is screaming find the final number. We know something is missing, but we don't know what it is. So, we keep doing the same things over and over pretending the final number doesn't matter hoping for a different result. Someone said; that's the definition of insanity. Consider this: think about a huge success you have achieved sometime in your life. Think about how difficult it was while you were working on it and before it was completed. Now, think about how easy it would be right now to accomplish that same task from zero. Piece of cake. Why? Because you now know all the numbers in the combination. Remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? Or, roller skate? Remember how your rear end felt the first few times skating? I bet if you went out today to ride a bicycle you wouldn't fall. Why? Cause you remember what you learned. And, you would do it the same way. Now, if you retry something that was really difficult in the past, and do it the very same way you did it when it succeeded, it would be just as easy as the first time if you had known all the numbers the first time. Success is not really that hard, it's just sneaky. It's like playing "hide n seek" when you were a kid. And, success is always the one doing the hiding. It won't run from you, but it sure will make you work to find it. And, when you do find it, it will have been like that proverbial snake that was so close all the time it could have bit you. On the other side of this coin, if you could see yourself going through the exact same strategy the second time around, that you followed the first time around, it would be just as difficult the second time. In fact, it would be an instant replay of the first scenario. But, don't let the inner voice inside your head talk you into lowering your goals so low that it virtually guarantees success. It is nice to succeed but, that kind of push over success leaves our inner sense of accomplishment feeling as ugly as a mud fence. Every objective will have a series of combination steps that have to be taken in order to assure success. And, in order to have success guaranteed in all cases, you would have to know all things before you start.