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Raikov Effect

by gold stone (2019-03-30)

Well this is what you Raikov Effect Review have worked for all of your life. Stop right now and look around. Take it all in. Everything, your relationships, your community, your work place, your financial situation, your physical health and well being is the sum of everything that you have created to date. And everything that you have created, everything you do, have or don't have is a result of planning or lack of planning.List what you have, go ahead. List it all debts, bank accounts, home inventory, income coming in, money going out. The more detailed your list the better.Now take a look at what you have and compare it to what you want. Is there a difference? If there is a difference you have uncovered an opportunity for planning.So the process is relatively simple. Suppose for example The four step planning exercise revealed that I wanted to earn an additional $50,000 this year. That means that I will have to earn an additional $4,200 each month, $1,042 per week and approximately $150 per day. Now take your average size sale and divide it into $150 and that will tell you how many additional sales needed to reach your goal. How many people you need to talk to to make that happen will depend on how good your prospecting system is at converting prospects to clients, but the generally accepted number is for every ten people you talk to 3 will want more information and 1 will become a customer or client.So step three complete your list and boil it down to simple daily activities. Measure your results and make adjustments daily. Be very dedicated to the activities that will bring you positive results.During the last Soccer World Cup held in Germany, my favorite team Brazil played against France in the quarter-final. Brazil was the favorites, not only because they were the 5-times World Champions, but because they had the most awesome attacking threat in world football. A win for Brazil should have been a mere formality considering the odds facing France.The reality is that France won that game, and no-one can claim that they didn't deserve it, even though some may argue that they were lucky to have even made it that far, since they barely scraped through their earlier matches.