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CuraLin Diabetes Supplement

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-03-29)

For high blood pressure,CuraLin Diabetes Supplement Review medications that are prescribed by doctors as a treatment may not be that effective for the elderly. High blood pressure leads to serious a health condition and illnesses such as heart problems and diabetes. This is common to the elderly so on top of the medications for reducing high blood pressure, there is a need to have potassium supplement and it is best to discuss it with their doctor.If you happen to observe an aged person having muscle weakness, gastrointestinal problems, irregular heart rate, and abnormal skin conditions such as numbness, it is best then to increase the potassium intake because these are symptoms of potassium deficiency.One way for doctors to detect if the patient is potassium deficient is by taking a blood sample and checking for the potassium content. A person is declared potassium deficient if the potassium present in the blood is below 5.6 grams.