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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-29)

These stories also make me think Hypnosis Live Review about how different things would be if these people had given up at 1, 2, or even 5 "no's". How would their lives be different? What would the world have missed out on? What impact would have been lost? I'm not telling you to go out and do an IronMan or work against your physical abilities, I do want to remind you of the power of the mind and perseverance and what's possible when we believe and act and WANT.Inquiry for you: How many times do you have to hear "NO" before you give up or walk away from something? Personally, I used to hate hearing "no." (Truth be told, I still don't really love it, AND I have developed a new appreciation for it.) For sure there have been times when even one or two no's have sent me to a place of doubt, reflection and dare I say even giving up. What I've learned though is that being told no isn't what's "bad", what's bad about it is the story we make up about it. Our own self-torturing internal mind chatter. That is where the NO hurts the most. Of course it's disappointing and of course being told no isn't always ideal - and if we can catch our mindset - we can move through it much more effectively and resiliently and then be in a better state for a creative "next." In my experience, "no" usually leads to something much better. A more thoughtful product, relationship, solution, etc. What I have to be committed to for myself, my clients, and my business is being willing to hear that "no" and embrace it so that I either connect with the right yes, or make my request more compelling.