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by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-29)

Underfund your business There have Zen12 Review been stories of people who bought one or two of something, sold them, and went on to turn their product over and over until they have capitalized themselves on a low dollar start-up. If you want to be known as a super store for a certain market and have no knowledge of the product or market, it may be a good idea to start small and grow with bigger things in mind. Care only about sales and not service You will never be successful if you only think about yourself. If you were raised to be very organized or you have tendencies to draw invisible lines "in the sand", make yourself aware of it. If you sell lawn mowers and you offer repair service, your customer will want to walk in the shop to talk to you or see what's going on. If you put up a "keep out" sign on every door of the shop, you'll be successful. I wouldn't be back either, unless you're the only repair shop in town.Pick the wrong location You've heard that location - location - location is the key to a store's success. But how about the store or company who has a shop in the back of another store, or down some untraveled road? Usually those people have a business outside of that facility, such as offering in-home service for their product. If you pick one of those types of places because the rent is cheap, your expenses will be low, along with your sales. Sometimes 100 feet farther back from the main road can make a difference between being right up on the road or not. Borrow too much money This sounds too simple, but it can be overlooked. A bank or lending institution may tell you that your credit is good for $X,000 and they can give you a line of credit for that much. If you only need half that amount, then only take half that amount unless you are a very good manager of your money. The thought of and the temptation of having a lot of extra money at your disposal can give you an opportunity to spend it for something totally out of your business goals.