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Flat Belly Fix

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-28)

FINALLY. Losing 10 pounds now will give Flat Belly Fix Review me a head-start on my 2012 fitness plans. I will look good with a 10 pound loss; really good with a 20 pound loss, and super good with a 30 pound loss. Moreover, I will have implemented a lifestyle change that is a good foundation for increasing the quality and length of my life. In my opinion nothing succeeds like success. A three month time frame is easily doable and now is all we have. We cannot change the past or control the future, but we are in charge of now. Please consider joining me and revolutionize, revitalize or begin your health and fitness routine today. We hear people talking about Metabolism all the time. But what does it really mean? It is nothing but conversion of food we take to energy. It is otherwise referred to as the burning of calories. There is another term called "Basal Metabolism" which is the measure of how fast your body motor is running for the basic or basal functions such as heart beating, breathing etc. In short, it is the measure of your metabolism when you are still in a reclined or sleeping posture. Now, lets dive straight into the action steps that you need to follow so as to increase your metabolic rate. There is not 1 but 10 ways to do it. If you can follow the majority of these tips, you are sure to increase your Metabolism which in turn will help in weight loss! Ah, I know that's the buzz word you were looking for! Yes. You heard it right. Have a small meal and develop the habit of having frequent small diets. Complex carbohydrates such as fruits, veggies and grain fuel your metabolism. It helps you in getting too hungry, so you can have a control on the diet and quantity. Thus, ensuring that the craving is not there. Never eat less. This will reduce your metabolic rate. Less than 1200 calories is not enough to support your basal metabolism. Eat healthy and optimally. Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is broken as "Breaking the fast". The earlier you have your breakfast the better. Also, breakfast should be your most important and nutritious meal of the day. It's OK if you skip dinner but breakfast and lunch is very vital for a proper metabolic activity.