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by princy william (2019-02-27)

What neurofeedback therapy Nootrogen Review can do is help people with bipolar disorder to remain somewhere between the two extremes of mood that they frequently find themselves in. These extremes can affect a bipolar person's behavior the way any major emotional change does. In a depressive state, they are likely to have no energy at all, and may have difficulty dragging themselves out of bed in the morning. In a manic state, they will be prone to making very risky decisions without thinking things through.While neurofeedback does not totally eliminate these emotional switchbacks, it may help to modify the extremes, which may in turn lessen the behavioral consequences of bipolar disorder. Over time, some bipolar people can even learn to balance their brain function so that they remain in a normal state for longer periods of the time.Everyone dislikes the idea of an agonizing retirement, and suffering from Alzheimer's is an equally frightful idea. But depending on your circumstances, you may be at greater risk of Alzheimer's than you might think. Here are some ways to minimize the risk.First of all, it's been suggested that some people are predisposed to Alzheimer's and dementia than others. It could be a genetic link or something else, but there's nothing we can do about that. What we CAN do is to minimize the risk by tweaking our eating habits.You may be surprised to know this, but taking in too much sugar and carbohydrates may increase the risk of Alzheimer's (and even cause it to manifest earlier in life). Sugar and carbohydrates have been linked to diabetes, but there's now new evidence that diabetes and Alzheimer's may be one in the same disease.It's been found that the pancreas isn't the only organ that produces insulin -- the brain also does. And in Alzheimer's sufferers, the brain doesn't produce enough insulin anymore -- and also has abnormal protein deposits similar to those in a diabetic's pancreas. I guess it's no wonder why diabetics are 65% more likely to develop Alzheimer's, too.The solution? Minimize your rice, bread, and pasta intake, and eat more organic fruit and vegetables. A natural food supplement, such as Acai berry, can also help suppress your appetite and give you enough protein for energy. Acai can indirectly save you from Alzheimer's -- in addition to a host of other debilitating diseases.