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by princy william (2019-02-26)

Let's turn our sights to Fibrolief Review one of our most challenging issues, cancer. Is there a cure in sight? We race to find a cure but we must force ourselves to look beyond the narrow scope of our lens. Increasing distance (D) and mass (M) while decreasing energy (E) will not only increase life span but also may hold the definitive key to cancer's cure. If we focus on energy (E), from a metabolic standpoint, we make reference to Basal Metabolic Rate. Whatever variable decreases basal metabolic rate likewise decreases the incidence of cancer. Current medical standards must be revised. At best, our attempts to preserve bone mass by medicinal means is in fact an absolute route to promoting the formation of cancer. Raising bone density increases metabolic rates. An increase in Basal Metabolic rate increases energy (E) which in turn shortens longevity (T). Hence, increasing bone density increases cancer. An increase in metabolic rate is an increase in energy (E) which causes a decrease in time longevity (T). Medicinal agents that increase bone density in post menopausal years directly shorten life span. God's naturally occurring hormonal transition has been correct all along. The production of progesterone in women's twilight years with the corresponding decline in bone mass potentiates the duration of life. Cancer is merely the byproduct of stimulating basal metabolic rates to an extreme thus creating a cellular replicating, self perpetuating vortex. We cannot eliminate this vortex by applying more energy such as radiation. In fact, we must do the very opposite. Hence, the promise for an absolute cure for cancer lies in the basal metabolic reductive capacity of cryogenics and frigid cold baths.