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by princy william (2019-02-23)

What is the experience of Numerologist Review calmness from? It appears to be the state of not being affected by the life and the life cells of the body, and the mind of the body and all its past worries. You see, there is you, the life force that is running the body. An then there is the body itself, also a conglomerate of life. Meshed together like this the being has a different experience than when exterior.Some in reading this article may think this is rubbish. But if you have seen what I have seen and taken people through this experience, you know it is for real. Some, not believing this and being too scared to try it for themselves, may try to ridicule this article. Well, people once said that it was impossible for man to travel faster than a horse. Then it was impossible to travel faster than sound. The boundaries of man and what man can do are limited only by his imagination and his willingness to stretch what he believes about himself. The state of exterior is real and thousands each year achieve this, either with full, part or less perception of their experience.Not all are going to encounter their first experience of exterior with a vivid recall of being outside the body looking down. Some may. Some may only feel calmly large. The experiences are all different.The Scientology book Creation of Human Ability, by L. Ron Hubbard, has the processes by which a person can achieve this state of exterior. There are many processes therein that will exteriorize a person. Today these are done early on in Scientology. The processes in this book were once the advanced levels of Scientology. Now they are placed near the beginning.