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Ageless Brain Pure Health-Is it good to drink milk before bed?

by fiona basil (2021-09-15)

In addition to being a delicious drink, drinking milk with honey before bed can help you sleep better and also keep your body in optimal condition. Read on to discover all its advantages.

Honey provides great health benefits like milk, helping to take care of our skin and improving its appearance, and together it is when they have the greatest benefits. It is essential that the honey is organic and pure, with this we ensure fantastic results for our well-being.

Properties of honey

Thanks to the antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties that honey has, we can use it to treat everything from respiratory problems, to stress and anxiety problems, being a powerful natural painkiller.

Milk properties

On the other hand, milk has many vitamins such as vitamin A, BYD, essential for the body, in turn, it also has minerals and is full of proteins, calcium and lactic acid. Now imagine how together they can work and all the contributions they can give to your body. You must make sure you get an organic type of milk, without antibiotics or hormones.

Benefits of drinking a glass of milk with honey

We will do a little review to know the benefits of both ingredients together:

Skin care

Due to the properties that help purify the body and that are present in both ingredients, they can be enhanced when combined in a drink that has been made since ancient times, when grandmothers took care of grandchildren to help them sleep better.

In particular, a glass of milk with honey can give a spectacular glow to the skin, and as a bonus, it can also be used externally to make a milk and honey bath.

Improves digestion

Honey is one of the most effective prebiotics that we can find, and it is known that probiotics are bacteria that favor our intestinal flora, promoting good digestion of meals, therefore a glass of milk with honey is also recommended after a meal. abundant intake, to improve digestion.

To have stronger bones

We have on the one hand the source of calcium, which is milk, and on the other, honey, which serves as a transport of those nutrients so that the body can better absorb calcium, therefore, it is a fantastic combination for our bones to come back stronger and healthier. We can consider it to be a way to relieve inflammation in joints and bone problems such as osteoporosis.

Increase physical endurance

This simple drink can be impressive to improve our physical performance. Taking a glass of honey with milk in the morning provides us with the proteins and carbohydrates we need to boost our body, in addition to helping us boost metabolism.

Avoid Insomnia

One of the most practical remedies to relieve insomnia and improve rest is through the consumption of this drink, however, there are other reasons why the combination of honey and milk is so effective. The sugar present in honey stimulates tryptophan through the controlled increase in insulin, therefore, it is a serotonin stimulant, which greatly helps us feel more relaxed and get a better rest.

Powerful anti-aging properties

By combining milk with honey, we take even more advantage of its antioxidant properties, with which we can deal with free radicals, which can be harmful to the body and to the appearance of our skin. When the body is freer of free radicals, skin can be kept clean and elastic, avoiding the formation of deep wrinkles, age spots and other skin irregularities.

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