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Gaia's Protocol

by rohini matthew (2019-02-08)

Let´s put aside for the Gaia's Protocol Review moment the powerful effects and wonderful benefits that organic food has. Let´s assume that you are like the vast majority of the population, and don´t really care what you put into your body, so long as it tastes good. You are even willing to pay a little more if the flavor is that good. Well, surprise! Organic food is delicious. These fruits and vegetables burst with flavor. You can almost taste the sunshine, the garden, and spring in these foods.When you compare organic to non organic fruits and vegetables, the first difference you will notice is the taste. The taste of organic fruits and vegetables is incredible. The flavor is so much more intense than other fruits and vegetables. You will immediately know that there is a difference. This alone is worth changing from non organic to organic foods.You will be amazed at the flavor of simple steamed vegetables and naturally cooked meals with gluten free foods and organic vegetables.