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SG 11

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-03-01)

Chocolate. A little SG 11 Review indulgence never hurt anyone. What? Have I gone mad? Here I am telling you to eat more healthy and I go off and tell you to eat chocolate. Relax, I mean the healthy kind. You knew I meant the healthy kind, right? No highly processed and sugar laden chocolate. Organic, dark, bitter chocolate is great for an occasional pick me up. It has caffeine along with other nutritional components that will naturally elevate your mood giving you more energy. A good remedy for temporary relief. The essential elements to maintaining high levels of testosterone are diet and exercise. However things are a little more complex than just that and understanding the mechanics of maintaining our testosterone level makes the process much easier to master.At the diet level, the greedy and profit-hungry corporations that produce our foods have caused much damage to our hormone levels because of the chemicals, additives, preservatives, colorings, taste-enhancers, growth hormones and pesticides, as well as the extra fats and sugars that have been added during the food processing stages and then marketed to us with pretty pictures designed to mislead us into thinking the stuff they call food is somehow healthy. It is mostly their idea of food that has caused the low levels of testosterone we all suffer from now. So, the imperative is to move towards an organically grown food diet so as to end the damage done to our hormone levels. However, because of the damage already done, we must add to our diet testosterone boosting supplements much like we must also take a multi vitamin to compensate for those compounds which are missing from our food intake.