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Internal 911

by rohini matthew (2019-02-13)

I recently returned to playing Internal 911 Review tennis again after a few years of being sedentary and on my way out of the courts I saw a girl with Mueller Tub-O-Quench Thirst Quenching Gum. I bought a tub because I was intrigued about it. When I was in college, even if I was part of the college varsity tennis team, I hadn't heard of this sports gum. Now, it seems as if it's very popular among many sports-oriented people. I tried lemon flavor first and I loved the taste. It is not that sweet but the taste is pretty good. I thought it's no wonder then why there are a lot of people that get hooked with this gum. I tried the other flavors, the orange and the other one, tangy fruit and I have to say that all of them taste really good. Just for the taste, I'd buy another tub of this gum Now, does it really quench your thirst? I didn't drink water for one set while chewing on Mueller. It does take away that feeling of dryness in my mouth and I still feel thirsty. The feeling of thirst isn't as bad though. It doesn't really quench my thirst but it removes the dry feeling.