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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-08)

Over 250,000 women are Yeastrol Review diagnosed each year with breast cancer. Approximately 14,000 women die each year from breast cancer. These are alarming rates to hear. How can this be possible? What about all the money being raised to find a cure? Let's take a look at the anatomy of the breast.The female breast consists of mostly fatty tissue surrounding the mammary gland just behind the nipple. As you walk, your breasts are suppose to bounced and move allowing the breast tissue to move toxins out the breast tissue and into the lymph nodes where the body can expel the toxins.Many women wear bras from 6 - 24 hours a day and the bras are usually too tight causing the breasts to be held too tight, not allowing the breasts to move naturally. As the breasts are not allowed to move the toxins enter into the fatty tissue, where they find a home and stay, just waiting for a cancer cell to come by and attached itself to these toxic cells. As these toxic cells sit and collect more toxic cells the breasts may become very tender to the touch, making mammograms extremely painful or even walking painful. The breast may develop non-cancerous masses, which will send a chill up every woman's spine. Every doctor instructs women how to do a self exam, yet many women still do not examine their breasts regularly. Some women are embarrassed, or too afraid, to exam their own breasts. This is a matter of life or death for every woman. I certainly hope more and more women will take the time for breast exams. However I want to talk to you about a way women and greatly reduce their chances of getting breast cancer and improve their overall breast health. I want to talk about breast massage. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, if a woman massaged her breasts once a week, her chances of breasts cancer could be reduced by 42%. That is huge! That would mean, over 100,000 women would not, ever have to get that diagnosis. Not to mention, the reduction in breast tenderness or lumps to improve women's health. We are the only industrialized country in the world that has not fully legalized breast massage as a therapeutic way to slow and maybe even stop breast cancer. I have had several women, that I taught to do breast massage, report a reduction and elimination of breast tenderness. Lumps have been reduced and not returned. Also one of my clients reported her doctor thought she had lost weight because the density in her breast had greatly reduced after less than a year of self massages. The breast massages greatly reduce the pain of mammograms. So how do you do these breast massages you ask? Here are the 3 steps to breast massage After disrobing your breasts, you can begin by taking your thumb, or index and middle fingers, starting at you nipple and gently pressing out toward the edge of your breast. Repeat this stroke all the way around your breast. Then repeat again around the entire breast. You may find you can go deeper on the pressure the second time around as the toxins start to move. If not, just keep the same pressure each time. Open your hands and lay them out flat with your index fingers and thumbs overlapping each other, leaving an opening between your hands. Place you hands on your breast with your nipple in the opening between your hands. Gently press down and out toward the edge of your breast twice from side to side, then twice from top to bottom.