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South Beach Diet

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-17)

For South Beach Diet Review people who are obese, or severely overweight, going to fitness centers may not give them their desired results of having a small body. A diet program or weight loss medication may not work for them either, and this is why they may opt for surgery to achieve their desired body weight. Gastric bypass surgery enables one to lose weight by reducing the amount of food he/she takes. The procedure ensures that the stomach is smaller, causing one to feel full just upon eating a small amount of food. Since fewer nutrients are absorbed, one experiences weight loss almost immediately.There are different ways to administer this procedure, one being the Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, which involves the creation of a" new stomach". Normally during digestion, food is absorbed in the small intestines and here, the nutrients are absorbed, then the rest is waste, which is excreted through the large intestines. With this surgery, the new stomach pouch is attached directly to the small intestines, in the middle area called the jejunum. This means that the surgeon will bypass the entire duodenum.After surgery pains This surgery is of great help if you really need to lose weight. However, it is a long journey through recovery for your body to adapt to the new way of functioning. After the surgery, you are likely to suffer some belly pain, but this can be taken care of by painkillers, administered during the first week after the surgery. You may also experience dumping syndrome as the gastric bypass surgery makes your stomach small and hence food gets in and out very quickly for the first few days. This may cause diarrhea and major nausea. Watching your diet You will be guided on what to eat, especially immediately after surgery. Since your stomach is sore at that time, it needs a proper environment for healing. Therefore, a small intake of soft foods is advised. Water is of essence during this time to ensure that you are not dehydrated. Water is also good at this time as it aids with the bowel movements. You should try as much not to strain with bowel movements. With time, you will be able to eat more solid foods. However, you have to be careful while eating, ensuring that you chew properly, to avoid feeling nauseated. The stomach is a flexible organ, capable of stretching. Therefore, you should avoid high calorie drinks such as sodas. Also, avoid over eating as this may stretch your stomach, leading you to gain the weight you paid so much to lose.