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Dermology Cellulite Solution

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-07)

Let's face it, Dermology Cellulite Solution Review learning how to make the body produce collagen has been a scientific effort for many years. Supplement manufacturers claim that taking bio available collagen will improve the skin's appearance, the amount of lean muscle mass in the body and improve joint health. Yet, the type of collagens that are present in the skin is different from those that are present in the joints. It takes exercise and adequate protein intake to build muscle mass. Bio available collagen supplements were originally marketed to body builders as a way to increase protein intake, without going overboard on calories. Now, when any protein supplement hits the digestive system, it is broken down into its component amino acids. So, whether or not the supplements are beneficial for any health condition is a matter of speculation. R&D teams for cosmetic companies have looked at how to make the body produce collagen with a topically applied cream, but in most cases, the results were not that good. The reason, they didn't have the right ingredients to evaluate. The idea of bio available collagen is actually misleading. Bio-available means that something is available for use by the cells of the human body. In the case of a topically applied cream, that means the skin's cells. Well, collagens are not used by the skin's cells. They produce them. So, why would anyone think that how to make the body produce collagen is to use a collagen-containing cream? It's all advertising and marketing. Anyone that knows anything about how the cells function, realize that there is no such think as bio available collagen. The cells will not pick it up and when applied to the skin, it will not bind with the collagen fibers that are present, because it is not closely related to them.