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Lucent Skin Eye Cream

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2018-12-20)

I was born Lucent Skin Eye Cream Review and raised in New Orleans La. In the lower 9th ward, I was born into what appeared to be a very religious family. They were so religious that my grandmother decided to start a church (First King Solomon Spiritual Temple.)I must have been about seven or eight years old at the time. She started it in the kitchen of our little shot gun home. They held services there for a little while, and then she decided to convert the car garage into the church. We would have service ever Sunday and Wednesday, I was always in attendance I never miss service, until I old enough to quit, and I quit did. Everything seemed alright, I thought we were just worshiping the Lord. I was too young to understand what was really going on. As I got older I started noticing things that just didn't add up, I'm not saying this to hurt anyone in the family or associated with the church. But I promise God, when He delivered me from drugs, alcohol and the occult, I would spend the rest of my life warning people of the dangers of the occult (Newage Movement.) The first thing I notice was that most of the church including myself was practicing alcoholic, fornicators, backbiters, loveless, resentful etc. we were worse than most of the sinner that we were preaching to, we were hypocrites, so I said none of this makes senses, I might as well be the drunk that I am, so that's what I did I spent most of my life drinking and smoking weed. What I did not know was that a seed had already been planted in me. A seed of spiritism, you see they were always talking about spirits, the spirit said this and a spirit said that to me. There was always talk of spirit communication, but whomever that spirit was I knew was it not the Holy Spirit of God. Hearing all this talk about the spirits of the dead at such a young age I became caught up this spirit thing, I was so affected by it that for years I was afraid to be alone in a dark room. When I quit the church I thought I was finish with all that spirit stuff, I was wrong. When I turned 18 years old and joined the Marine Corps, again I thought I was finish with all that spirit stuff. But something happened while in the Corps, I got into a bit of trouble because my dysfunctional lifestyle, I was giving office hours, they gave me a reduction in rank and sent me to a combat unit.