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CryptoCurrency Codex Review

by Nishish Sandy (2018-12-18)

If you stay long enough with Forex you will observe some interesting pattern with the chart.CryptoCurrency Codex Significant change in the buying and selling activities tend to concentrate in a certain time frame. Mind you that Forex market never sleep. People trade 24hours, yet the major market movement only concentrate in certain time frame. Very interesting. Is there any reason for the such movement?Currently there are three major Forex market throughout the world :- Asian, European and North America. Since the globe is round, we can only find one Forex market active at one particular time.The market will start with the Tokyo open, followed by Europe and end with North America market. Then the process will continue all over again.If we observe closely, the active time usually falls during the overlapping between any of the markets. There are two market overlapping. One is between Asian and European market and the other one is between European and North America market.Between these two overlapping, overlapping between European and North America has the most interesting movement. Lot of buying and selling activities happen during this period. Overlapping between Asian market and European market also create significant market movement. However the impact and the volume, in general, tend to be less. There are also big movements outside of the HOT zone. But those movements are force by some other news or events, which are difficult to predict. Market overlapping period is the best time to do trading. If you trade on part time basis, overlapping period will give you better opportunity. Keep trading while its HOT.No doubt we can make money from Forex. Unfortunately we as human being tend to have instincts that can affect the performance of a perfect trading system. It will be more interesting to let an automated system assist us.If you are considering entering the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) or you have already been investing for a while but not been doing as good as expected, then if might be because you don't possess the essential traits all ultra successful currency investors have. In fact, I don't think it is too bold of a statement to make, that if you don't have these elements in your arsenal your chances of being successful will be greatly reduced.