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Ultra Foreclosures

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-13)

On a small island one cannot expect the same options Ultra Foreclosures Review as in a metropole. But, there are some nice cultural activities. Steel bands which usually play in groups of several dozens -some of them surprisingly young children- are not to be missed. A good place to see them is the weekly festival Fish Friday in Gouyave at the North West Coast, where fishermen sell anything from fish cakes to lobsters. But the cultural highlight of the year is definitely Carnival in the second week of August. While it may not compete with big carnivals such as in Rio de Janeiro it has an atmosphere that many prefer. When you want to come and see the Grenada Carnival, make sure that you make flight reservations early as many expat's come home then. I often bring guests to local bars what gives them a good idea on how people live and think. One bar is located in a welding shop where they also bake bread and show movies to their clientele from time to time. Another interesting thing is going to a "Bloggo", an informal party that can be organised by anyone at a shop or on the street with this recipe: loud Soca and Calypso music, rum, beer and barbecued chicken. Simple, but nice. Economy booming with new hotels and second home resort communities under construction. Grenada was mentioned in the 2008 Annual Wealth Report by high end property consultant Knight Frank and Citibank, listed Grenada as one of the top ten second home markets being prime suspects for future growth. The reasons can be found in this article... moreover the real estate prices are far lower than on other islands that have far less to offer than Grenada. As all other tourism destinations Grenada also suffers from the decline in the number of tourists and the average money spent. The construction also faces a slowdown due to halted projects. As tourism and construction are the two main motors of the economy the depression is clearly felt here by most people. This may however be an opportunity to revitalize agriculture as currently much of the produce and most chicken and meats are imported. Obtaining financing to realize such projects will be a decisive factor. Being a small tourism destination it is an option to focus on niche markets. In example, we recently bought a small sailing yacht and now offer All Inclusive guests not only walks, hikes and excursions, but also a mini cruise to the Grenadines, without extra cost. Another market with opportunities is the honeymoon market, where Grenada is putting more and more focus on. Grenada is also a great place for destination weddings where the personal attention a big resort (a.k.a. wedding factory) cannot offer is a big plus. The government's main income comes from duties on imported items. Income tax starts at about 2,000 US$ per month and is levied at 30% over the excess. Only few people pay income taxes; the average income is about 850 US$ per month. The prices of imported products are therefore rather high. Cars and gas are about double the US cost. Local produce, fish and meat are quite affordable. Most people have no problem making ends meet because their expectations are not as high as their Western counterparts, who are generally, less happy.