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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-02-08)

Jesus also rebuked the disciples' iGenics System Review desire to imitate Elijah. God himself tells them to listen to Jesus and not to the heroes of the past. Peter wanted a typical response to their situation. He wanted to build an altar, light candles, burn incense, etc. Peter represents our desire to see everything in the Sacred. The past was symbolically removed when Jesus died, especially when the curtain in the temple was torn in two. Peter's reaction was distorted because he liked being there in the rosy, gilded world of his "natural high". We, on the other hand, can't stay here and sleep. We have a duty to spread the Good News. We need to listen to God and Christ. We need to put our liberator first in our eyes. We need to make sure everything we do, say and think centers on Him. The ancient people saw the world as a thin place where God can enter and speak to them at any time. God was alive and communicated with them. We can still hear and see the divine today. We can experience the holy, receive guidance, intuit wisdom and energy, and channel God's healing energy. Encountering God changes everything and calls us to new behaviours. Unfortunately, we might have to veil our encounters so that others can understand our experiences, much like the cloud on the mountain veiled the disciples from God. Faith, hope and love are to be earnestly desired, but they are not part of a hierarchy. Moses' faith, Elijah's faith and hopeful vision of a liberated future with love had their day, when the future is now and visions belong only to yesterday. Love will be still be alive, because it never ends or dies. The greatest of these-faith, hope and love-is love. Faith has revealed to us in our transformation love for those who share our journey of faith. Jesus and his disciples were given a vision of the end of their journey. The one who was about to suffer blows and lashes of the whip, the one about to be rejected and abandoned, the one about to be defeated by His enemies, was none other than God's beloved Son. He shared the brightness and glory and very nature of God the Father. After the humiliation, there would be victory. After the cross there would be resurrection. After the defeat, there would be God's victory. Jesus gave the disciples a vision of the end, without which he knew his disciples would not just run out of gas, but give up the journey altogether. It was a brief glimpse of the transcendent, a peek at the reality that lies just beyond everyday life.