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American Super Collagen

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-28)

Active Manuka American Super Collagen Review Honey is a unique honey that moisturizes the skin effectively and keeps it soft and supple. It also enhances the Collagen and Elastin production in the body and helps make the skin soft and supple. The special anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties of this honey keep the skin safe from bacterial infections and free radical damage too. CoQ10 or Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 is a very powerful anti oxidant, especially when used in its nano lipid form. It has a very strong anti wrinkle effect on the skin and should be a must have in your anti ageing cream. Shea butter is a solid oil obtained from the nuts of the Karite Tree found only in Africa. It is a natural product that is still produced by hand in the villages of west and east Africa. There are two (2) species of Karite tree; the Vitellaria Parodoxa found in west Africa which is the most common source of shea butter available today, and the Vitellaria Nilotica found in east Africa, the source of nilotica butter which is much more rare. As an ingredient in skin care products it helps to improve skin tone and elasticity and helps skin look smoother making wrinkling less noticeable. It also helps to even skin tone and gets rid of rough, scaly, dry skin; making skin softer and more supple. This butter may not be processed further after cooling, or it can be lightly filtered and is still considered "raw". It has all of its natural components (nutrients, color,) intact with an earthy, smoky aroma, and pale yellow or creamy white color. It also has the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients and the longest shelf life, lasting about 5 years. However, some find its scent to be unpleasant. If the butter is fresh and not rancid the odor disappears soon after application to the skin. Naturally Refined: In this process raw shea butter is melted and "washed" with water. The melted butter and water mixture is transferred to a vacuum reactor where air, and steam removes the odor. Next, the butter is mixed with diatomaceous earth, to remove most of the color, before being filtered by pressing through several layers of paper and cloth. The final step is filtration to remove small particles and impurities. This yields butter that is very pale yellow or white with no odor. Some of the vitamin and nutrient properties are lost, but excellent moisturizing and skin conditioning results can still be obtained from this butter. Naturally refined works best for use in scented and unscented skin care products. Ultra Refined: Shea butter that is processed with chemical solvents (hexane), produces a cosmetic grade butter that is pure white, with no odor. However almost all vitamins and nutrients are lost, and the chemical processing diminishes or destroys all beneficial natural qualities.