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Manifestation Magic

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-17)

I rather Manifestation Magic Review love the image that Napoleon Hill creates (Think and Grow Rich) of life being a river with currents heading in both directions. One current of negative energy takes its devotees toward mediocrity and accepting life as something that happens to us. The other current of positive energy takes its devotees toward success.I like to extend this image a little further. If you have ever tried to cross a swiftly running river, you will know that the deeper the water, the harder it is to resist the current. That is, if you paddle at the edges, the current will be only just recognisable. However, if you wade out to be thigh deep, the current will be pulling at your legs and almost sweeping you along with it. So too with success. Dipping your toes, you will hardly feel the current and you may be fooled into thinking that it does not exist at all. Wading out to be thigh deep, you will experience the power of that energy. The lovely thing about this image too is that it is absolutely possible to be in the same part of the river experiencing the negative energy and to simply move across to the other side of the river where the positive energy is. How do you get across to the positive side you may ask. This is where the psychology of thinking yourself to success as described by Dr David Schwartz (The Magic of Thinking Big) can be a very powerful tool. Simply put Dr Schwartz advises readers to think confidently, act confidently. According to the work of the great psychologist and author Dr. George Crane, confidence is an emotion and we have no direct control over emotion. Try it now, try to will yourself to change the emotion that you are feeling right now to the exact opposite. If you are sad, try to will yourself to feel happy. Yes, sure, you can act happy - but it doesn't fool many people for all that long. However, we can change the self-confidence emotion that we feel through actions. So, now try it, force yourself to put a pleasant smile on your face. If you now smile when other people see you, their reaction will change toward you and this will make you feel happy inside which will make you feel like smiling all the more.