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Accelerated Learning Techniques

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-11)

I went over in my Accelerated Learning Techniques Review mind exactly what happened that night at the cremation sight when I was able to remain in the precious moment for hours. My inner work leading up to the experience must have served as a foundation by training my mind to remain attentive on a concentration object. It was difficult to stay focused on the spot in my nose where the incoming breath touched it when I began the practice. I would apply my mind to it but then thoughts interfered and it would slip away time after time, but the night with the cobra changed everything. My focus never wavered that night and I didn't have to apply my mind at all. All that I felt was a sustained attentiveness and a one pointedness of mind that required no effort at all, resulting in those exquisite feelings of rapture and happiness, and followed by the circle of light, which I somehow knew, was now my sign, my personal inner work object. A John had once mentioned the importance of being a step away from oblivion, and when I found myself with a snake in my lap, I was able to experience a John's teaching with direct, fear-enhanced concentration. My whole existence since searching for this key, and the routine of these robed men in the forest, seemed to personify lives lived a step above oblivion. Not only were there the dangers of the forest, but I never knew whether I would eat the next day. In time, I began to understand the immensity of the practice a John represented, and realized that even though a part of me thought I knew more than these men and these villagers, another part, the part that was surrendering, began to recognize that I was really a novice and knew nothing. This first taste of the power of this inner work, after a long, dry period with little results, instilled in me an unbelievably strong passion to go on no matter the cost. I could not explain the feeling, except that now I "knew." What I knew, I couldn't say, but I was certain of something, even though it was still beyond my present intuitive abilities to understand. It was the strangest, most wonderful thing that I had ever experienced. The blacksmith, the sorcerer, Ariya, a John, and these robed men who have given up everything, including their lives at times to find their key, had my undying gratitude.