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Miracle of Self Disciplines

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-11)

The difference Miracle of Self Disciplines Review between whether any goal, small or large is reached is whether we take action or not. The great philosopher Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." That's why I strongly recommend you celebrate each and every tiny step you take towards your career change goal, because this will encourage you to keep on. This continuous action will help you gain the necessary momentum in following your plan from beginning all the way to the end. Taking action is the thing that will set you up for success. Keep things fresh and interesting for yourself too. Do something different than you normally do every day. Change, no matter how small is good for us. It stops us "getting old" in our thinking. It can be something small such as turning right instead of left when you leave the house to go about your business tomorrow. Change your route. When you make little changes every day you'll notice your awareness starts to expand. And with each expansion of your awareness you get more in tune with yourself-your higher self. The purpose of your higher self is always to steer you in the direction of what's right for you-to steer you toward your purpose. Lately many organizations have questioned why their employees' lack of motivation makes their days less and less productive. In down economic times, it has become progressively more difficult for leaders in an organization to keep spirits and productivity at their highest level. To solve this issue, leaders of an organization must build a culture where employees feel personally valued, have a sense of purpose, and have the ability to make decisions.Employee engagement can be fundamentally defined as the emotional connection a person has with their organization that influences the level of exertion in any position. To keep employees engaged at their highest level, leaders must come together to set a clear direction in which the organization must move. On this path, honest and open communication, trust, and corporate and personal goals must be shared between leadership and employees.Without frequent and authentic communication the level of trust between leadership and employees may be low and results may not be achieved. To ensure each and every employee is engaged, set time for one-on-one meetings to lay out personal and corporate goals that will put leaders and employees on the same course. When goals are met along the way, recognize and reward the performance!Involve your employees in the customer's experience and ensure all employees understand their contribution to the end product/service. Ask for input on ways to improve sales and customer satisfaction, and commit to implementing some of their ideas. Employers should also recognize that continuous training and education are very important for growth. Employees want to be and feel valuable to the organization. Surveys indicate that employees who are encouraged by their employers to participate in continuous education see an improved commitment to the organization. Making this employer investment can be a great way to enhance employee contributions and promote continuous learning within your organization.