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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-01-09)

Exercise for torn rotator cuff is an important part of the healing process. Randomized clinical trials have proven that rotator cuff exercises can be used effectively to treat shoulder pain and the impingement syndrome. Therapists recommend two types of exercises, stretching and strengthening to begin the healing process of a torn rotator cuff. Strengthening exercises are done with the aim of making the shoulder muscles stronger, whereas stretching exercises are done with the aim of giving flexibility to the muscles.An important static exercise for torn rotator cuff is the table stretch. In this exercise the patient sits in a parallel direction to one of the sides of a table. The affected hand is then placed on the table and the upper part of the body is bent forward so as to reach out with the hand as far as possible. When the patient feels a gentle stretch, the body is brought to a standstill, and is held in that position for thirty seconds.The abductor stretch is an advanced stretched because it assumes that the patient can raise his or her arm above the shoulder to perform this stretch. In this exercise for torn rotator cuff, the patient stands with his elbow against a wall and his palm holding the back side of his head. The elbow is then straightened by sliding the joint up and down the wall until a gentle stretch in the shoulder area is felt. The patient must be sure that his hand is behind his head at all times to prevent the injury from aggravating. The Across the Chest Stretch uses a motion known as the horizontal adduction to help bring the arm across the body, which in turn brings the rotator cuff in motion. Physiotherapists also recommended the Beginning Towel Stretch, Advanced Towel Stretch, Doorway Twist Stretch and the Wall Walk as stretching exercises. Strengthening exercises repair and build the muscle. Physiotherapists use a variety of progressive resistance exercises to help strengthen the shoulder. Working out with dumbbells is one of the quintessential ways to increase strength. Exercise for torn rotator cuff can progressively improve the injury with long lasting results. A majority of adults experience shoulder pain at some point during their lives, thus making the subject imperative to understand.